Being established in 1929, HD Tribe Funeral Directors have a long company history.  We are very proud of our achievements over the years but equally proud of our reputation for providing a caring and dignified service to the people of West Sussex who have lost a loved one.  Here is a timeline depicting the major developments in our company over the years:


1929: HD Tribe Esq founded the company at 1 Ardsheal Road, Broadwater.

1936: Chapel of Rest opened at Broadwater, now the site of Cricketers Parade.

1937: Funeral office north corner of Broadwater Churchyard opened.

1939: HD Tribe President of local funeral directors association.

1947: HD Tribe President of local funeral directors association.

1954: KJ Webber joins company.

1958: AK Warren joins company.

1959: HD Tribe Limited formed.

1960: New Chapels of Rest opened at the rear of 130 Broadwater Road.

1961: Chandlers garage and motor hire purchased.

1964: DF Kennard joins company.

1964: Rolls Royce fleet of seven Limousines & Hearses sold. Replaced by Austin Princess fleet.

1965: KJ Webber president Brighton & Hove Funeral Directors Association.

1965: Goring office opened.

1967: W Willett Funeral Directors of Shoreham incorporated and AW Willett joined the company.

1967: KJ Webber president of Southern Area Funeral Directors Association.

1967: 130 Broadwater Road converted to offices and joined to Chapels of Rest.


1972: AK Warren wins a silver medal sailing in the Munich Olympic Games (Poster, left).

1972: Daimler Limousine Fleet now complete.

1973: WJ Poland & Sons Funeral Directors of Worthing & Storrington incorporated.

1973: HD Tribe retired. A. K. Warren Managing Director.

1973: HD Tribe Memorial Company formed.

1974: RA Gates Funeral Directors of Shoreham purchased and J Whittington joined company.

1974: D Carver joins company.

1975: Starkey & Mason Funeral Directors of Lancing purchased, new office and Chapels of Rest opened.

1976: AK Warren represents Great Britain in Montreal Olympic Games.

1979: DF Kennard Worthing Golf Club Captain.

1979: 50th Anniversary Celebrated.


1980: Theodora Florist purchased.

1981: Lyndhurst Road Office opened.

1981: M Warren joins company.

1982: M Webber joins company.

1983: KJ Webber retires due to bad health after 29 years service.

1983: D Carver P. M., P.Z. Worshipful Master of Cissbury Lodge.

1983: Theodora Florist incorporated at Broadwater Offices.

1983: Invited to join National Selected Morticians Association.

1986: Offices at Broadwater refurbished.

1986: Miss J Warren, holder of the Tante Marie Diploma, heads our newly opened catering department at Broadwater Road.

1989: Rustington office and Chapel of Rest opened. I. Grieg becomes Manager.

1989: W Warren and P Kennard join company.

1989: M Parkin, Mayor of Worthing 1986/7 joins company.

1989: 60th Anniversary Celebrated.



1991: M Webber, P Kennard, W Warren & M Warren elected to the Board of Directors.

1991: I Hart joins company.

1991/2: Garden at Broadwater Road wins Worthing in Bloom Competition.

1992: DF Kennard and A. K. Warren retire.

1993: C Twigger joins company as Manager of Littlehampton Branch.

1993: AW Willett retires.

1993: D Carver retires.

1994: Tony Hauck joins the Company.

1993-1996: Garden at Broadwater Road wins Worthing in Bloom Competition.

1996: HD Tribe – Founder died aged 95.

1996: M Warren died.

1996: P Read takes over as Manager of Memorial Department.

1996: M Webber appointed Chairman N.S.M. European Group.

1997: I Hart elected President Sussex County Association of Funeral Directors.

1997: Office at Broadwater Road refurbished.

1998: R Child takes over as Manager of Goring Office.

1998: K Bellingham takes over as Manageress of Lancing Office.

1998: G Woolhead takes over as Manager of Shoreham Office.

1998: A total of 12 employees now hold the N.A.F.D. Diploma.

1999: 70th Anniversary of HD Tribe.

1999: First Funeral Director in West Sussex to launch a website.

1999: “Food for Thought” appointed as preferred caterers for H.D. Tribe.

1999: Broadwater office wins “Worthing in Bloom”.


2000: Storrington office completely re-furbished to include a Chapel of Rest.

2000: Colin Twigger retires and Paul Virgo becomes manager of our Littlehampton Branch.

2000: Graham Woolhead elected President of the Sussex County Association of Funeral Directors.

2001: Marian Down joins and takes over the branch at 61 Lyndhurst Road.

2002: Horse hearse completely refurbished

2003: Alison Campbell appointed manager of the Stonemasons.

2004: Roger Child retires and Adam Johnson becomes manager of our Goring Branch.

2004: 75th Anniversary of HD Tribe.

2005: Paul Maguire starts as Funeral Director based at Head Office.

2005: Head Office wins Worthing in Bloom for the Best Hanging Baskets.

2006: Head Office wins a Highly Commended Certificate for South East in Bloom.

2006: 30 Seater Family Chapel at Worthing Crematorium demolished

2007: Service Chapel at Head Office completely refurbished.

2008: William Weller is now incorporated in HD Tribe.

2008: Pat Cook joins to run the Littlehampton Office

2008: Goring Office is refurbished to include a Chapel of Rest.

2008: New fleet of Mercedes Hearses and Limousines arrive.

2008: Stephen Webber, son of M J Webber and grandson of both of K J Webber & D F Kennard, joins the Company.

2009: Services from our Chapel can now be ‘streamed’ over the internet.  Ideal for people who are either too far away, or for whatever reason are unable to attend.

2009: K J Webber dies on 20th July aged 76 years.

2010 - present day

2011: HD Tribe become to the first UK Funeral Director to offer online donations through their website.

2012: First funeral director in the UK to offer on-line donations

2012: HD Tribe awarded Adur & Worthing Business Award for best medium sized business

2014: Pat Cook replaces Ian Greig as manager of the Rustington office

2014: Stephen Webber appointed manager of the Storrington office

2016: Symon Todd appointed manager of the Shoreham office

2016: Jamie Younger appointed manager of the Littlehampton office

2016: Wayne Roberts joins the company

2016: Goring office completely refurbished

2016: New premises acquired in Shoreham

2017: Michelle Etheridge joins us in readiness for the opening of the Shoreham Office

2017: New premises and service chapel opened in Shoreham at 101 Eastern Ave.

2018: Fiona Murden takes over from Marian Down upon her retirement

2018: Carly Cripps appointed manager of the Storrington Office

2018: Stephen Webber moves to Head Office in Broadwater

2018: Marian Down sadly passes away after only 5 months retirement

If you would like to know more about our company or the funeral services we can offer, please feel free to contact us.