Over the years looking after families, we have learnt that they rarely want the cheapest funeral service for their loved ones. What they really want, and rightly expect, is the very best level of service and care at a sensible price.  HD Tribe’s reputation has been built on offering the only complete funeral service in the area. From our dedicated and fully qualified staff to the exemplary facilities there is no compromise. The beliefs in quality and respect that started the company in 1929 stay with us today.

However, because it’s an important concern please find below some examples of our funeral costs. Please bear in mind that every funeral is a unique celebration of life so prices can vary based on the choices available.  To get an exact quotation, please feel free to contact one of our Funeral Arrangers.

Standardised price list

All funeral directors are legally required to publish this Price List for a standardised set of products and services. This is to help you think through your options and make choices, and to let you compare prices between different funeral directors (because prices can vary).

Crematoria and additional items price list