Arrange a funeral

As an experienced funeral directors, HD Tribe have a thorough knowledge of funeral arrangement.  We can advise you on every step you need to take when someone close to you dies and, although we are not able to do all these things for you, we can certainly make it as simple and easy as possible.

Because we know what a difficult time it is after the death of a loved one, we have provided this simple step-by-step guide to outline the key steps to arranging a funeral in the UK, including registering the death, the will, insurance and information about cremation. Our staff are more than willing to advise on any area of funeral arranging.

Our phones are manned 24 hours a day and when you call us we will ask you;

  • Name of the deceased
  • Date and time of death
  • Age of the deceased
  • Address of the deceased
  • Next of kin (name and contact details)
  • Whether the person is for cremation or burial

After the Doctor has visited we can then arrange for the body to be collected and taken to one of our Chapels of rest.

At this stage you can arrange an appointment with one of our Funeral directors.

A funeral director can undertake many of the necessities involved with arranging a funeral but they can’t register the death of your loved one for you. Although we would be very glad to advise you on what you need to do, you need to register the death yourself.

The Law requires that all deaths are registered in the District in which they occur.  To register a death you can either

See our web page for further information on registering a death.

When you meet up with the Funeral Director, these are the sort of decisions that you will have to make.

  • Whether the funeral will be a burial or a cremation.
  • Your preferred day and time for the funeral.
  • Where would you like the service to take place?
  • A rough guide to how many people may be likely to attend the funeral.
  • The type of service and whether a minister or non-religious celebrant would be required.
  • Vehicle requirements on the day – would you like limousines for mourners?
  • Would you like us to print Orders of Service?
  • Does anyone wish to visit the chapel of rest?
  • If cremation, wishes with regards to the cremated remains (ashes).
  • If burial, details of existing grave (if any).
  • Whether a notice is to be placed in a newspaper.
  • Would the family prefer flowers or donations to a charity?
  • Is there to be any catering after the funeral?

If the funeral was cremation and the ashes are not to stay at the crematorium, they should come back to HD Tribes with 5 working days.

About a week after the funeral, you can expect to receive the flowers cards.

Between 2-4 weeks after the funeral, you will receive the bill.