Insurance policies

Dealing with complex matters like life insurance after the death of a loved one can be very difficult but often vital for the ongoing financial wellbeing of their family.  Going through the things of a loved one who has died is not a nice thought but, if there are any life assurance policies in force these will normally be found with the private papers of the deceased or they may be lodged in the bank or held by solicitors.

To start the process of applying for a life insurance pay-out, immediate notification of death should be sent to the insurance company concerned with a request that they should confirm the policy is in force. The insurance company will require a certified copy of the Death Certificate.

The insurance companies have certain requirements, i.e.:

  • the policy documents themselves
  • sight of a certified copy of the Death Certificate
  • proof of identity
  • valid receipt from the legal owner

The valid receipt creates the most problems as, in most cases, the insurance company requires Probate or Letters of Administration prior to a signature being acceptable.

Any charges on the policy (mortgages, for example) must have been discharged. Industrial Insurance Policies or those taken out by a third party on the life of the deceased can be settled before Probate or Letters of Administration. Examination of Trusts will be necessary prior to payment if the Policy is in Trust or assigned to Trustees.

A client should consult their insurance agent, solicitor or bank manager and due to delays that are inevitable, the bank manager may assist financially as a temporary measure.

Although we are not specialists in this area, we do have a great deal of experience in helping the recently bereaved so would be glad to offer advice on initial starting points and basic overall advice.  Please contact us if there is anything we can do for you in this regard.