DSS Benefits

The Registrar will provide you with a White Certificate of Death which is required to claim any National Insurance Benefits. We carry the Social Security forms for most claims.
Help is available for those who cannot afford to pay for a funeral. The funeral grant is normally payable if all the close members of the family are in receipt of one of the benefits listed below. If one member is not, then the DSS will assume that person has sufficient funds and the claim will be refused. Furthermore the deceased person must have left no funds or assets which could be used to pay, or part pay, for the funeral.
  • Income support
  • Family Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Community Charge Benefit
Should this be the case, then we would strongly recommend that you either make an approach to your local DSS office before making the funeral arrangements or talk to your Funeral Director.

How To Arrange A Funeral:

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