We have our own stone mason department who we can rely on to create the stone memorials our clients want to honour their deceased loved ones.  Having such a close relationship with the stonemasons means it’s stress-free and convenient for people to organise everything they want for their loved one’s funeral through us in one place.

Our highly experienced and creative stonemasons design and prepare memorials of great beauty and artistic achievement. These talented craftsmen take pride in their finished work, ensuring it is the highest quality. Our stonemasons will supply an illustrated brochure, or you can visit our Lancing workshop and lettering studio.

Graveyards, cemeteries and their memorials are one of the most valuable sources of local history. Often, they are of scenic quality but, in all cases, they tell a story that is more vivid than many written records. A walk around them brings back the past in a way that few other places or things can do.

Until recently, Worthing Crematorium has only offered the Book of Remembrance, leaving the bereaved with a small memory on an anniversary when the book is left open for that day. Nowadays, it is encouraged to have individual memorials in the surrounding churchyards or cemeteries, somewhere closer to home. Durrington cemetery has one of the best ashes burial sites in the UK, offering memorials for open design from small tablets and vases up to full size. As each plot has room for four ashes burials, the memorial can reflect the independence and respect such a family site can offer.

Other cemeteries offer similar sites; they include Mill Lane at Shoreham, Lancing and Sompting Cemetery and Littlehampton Cemetery. Unlike Durrington, there are some restrictions on memorial design which we will be happy to advise you on. Some local churchyards offer a cremation site in the form of a small square tablet which lays flat on the ground. Our brochure gives full details of all our designs and we are always on hand to discuss and advise on any particular requirements. Contact us for your copy.

Mrs Alison Campbell – Manageremail Alison

Alison joined HD Tribe in July 2002 and manages our stone masonry department. She looks after a team of people and deals with all the day to day running of this busy area of our company. Alison came to us from the leisure industry where she worked as manager of a restaurant, bar, bowling centre and a night club, travelling around the country with the same company before settling in Worthing, her home town. She became Operations Manager of a retail mail order company, one of the largest in Europe, looking after a team of 25 employees.

Mrs Val Gilbert-Pollard – Administratoremail Val

Val joined HD Tribe in December 2003 and assists Alison in the showroom. Val previously worked for 20 years as a senior claims technician with a local insurance company. She has always lived locally, originating from Storrington but now living in Lancing. As a supporter of many wildlife and animal charities, Val has adopted a rescue cat and has a special interest in the pet plaque memorials, as displayed in our showroom.


If you have any queries about stone memorials, please feel free to contact us or visit us in our Lancing showroom.

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