Pre Paid Funerals

Pre-Arranged & Pre-paid Funerals


There are a number of reasons why someone may choose to either pre-arrange or pre-pay for their funeral.  Single people with no close next of kin may decide it’s a practical way of bringing their affairs to an orderly conclusion.  A couple with no direct family may make the decision so as to help the bereaved partner when the time comes.  There are some people who have definite ideas about their own funerals and by pre-arranging can ensure that their specific wishes are carried out.  The largest group consists of those who only wish to be helpful.  Perhaps they have been unable to communicate their wishes during life and anticipate that their families may have questions they wish they had asked and, by pre-arranging, any uncertainties can be removed.

More recently people have seen their savings stagnate in bank and building society accounts.  By pre-paying for your funeral you are ensuring that the money you paid keeps up with inflation, which is considerably better than any return you may get elsewhere.


 The option to pre-pay has for some time appeared to make good financial planning.  Funeral costs continue to rise and a pre-paid plan can mean that everything is taken care of when the time comes.  However in recent times the big national companies have started to change the plans they offer.  Some will not cover disbursements (i.e. cremation/burial costs, ministers/doctors fees) and others are now charging a supplementary administration fee.  These changes are a direct response to the current financial climate.  We strongly advise that anyone who is considering either pre-arranging or pre-paying should contact one of our funeral directors.  Some of the funeral plans advertised in newspapers, magazines and through mail drops are linked to national funeral companies thus restricting client choice.


We are always happy to sit down without obligation and explain the various options that are available and to advise accordingly.

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